Central heating repairs

When your central heating lets you down, trust us to get your home back to its warm and cosy best as quickly as possible. We can carry out a wide range of central heating repairs on a variety of systems, ensuring that you can enjoy reliable central heating all year round.

If a radiator is damaged or needs replacing, we can remove it and fit a new, efficient model that will offer cost-effective and consistent heat. We can also carry out a chemical flush or power flushing.

Power flushing

Power flushing uses high pressure to pass a solution of chemicals through the pipes of your central heating system, removing dust, debris and rust as well as any other waste material. Power flushing can improve the energy efficiency of your central heating, make it run more reliably, increase the lifespan of your system and potentially reduce your energy bills.

Chemical flushing

Unlike power flushing which uses high pressure for cleaning, chemical flushing uses the natural water flow of your system to cleanse it. If you have noticed cold patches on your radiators even when the heating is on, a chemical flush could help. Like power flushing, this can eradicate any debris that has built up in your central heating system or pipework.

When installing a new boiler it’s standard practice to carry out a chemical flush to ensure the pipework is clean and clear ahead of the new installation.

Get in touch to arrange a visit from one of our team to fix a fault with your central heating or to book a power or chemical flush for your system.